Welcome to the Lady Startup Referral Program. This resource page is designed to make your life easier by clearly explaining our referral program alongside helpful information and images you can easily share with friends or family. Feel free to use your own words but if you are stuck for inspiration the goodies below will help....

Lady Startup Activation Plan: The Lowdown

The next round of The Lady Startup Activation Plan officially goes on sale on 21 January. I believe wholeheartedly in this course and I know you too have experienced first hand the power of our community and content.

I can’t wait to welcome a new round of students into this upcoming class and if you’ve been inspired by your Lady Startup experience, I’d love to have you share this passion with your own circle of friends as part of our referral program.

You’ll be spreading the word about an empowering e-course and earning some well deserved cash gifts for your efforts.

The Benefits

The concept is simple: as a referrer of the Lady Startup Activation Plan, you earn a $100 EFTPOS gift card for every friend you refer that signs up to the course using your unique referral link* It’s that simple! This is all tracked through our existing course software and you’ll be able to monitor and track your success via your existing Thinkific account to keep things nice and simple.

You are welcome to start chatting to friends that might be interested in taking the course now however please hold off on linking to the actual course home page (using your personal referral link - instructions below on how to access) until 21 January. I’ve outlined all the key dates below so you know when to start spreading the word.

Important Course Dates:

The following dates will help keep you on track:

  • ASAP: Please feel free to start chatting to your friends or family that are curious to start their own business, need guidance or are ready to launch in the next 6 weeks. Happily share that you’re part of our referral program and that doors are opening soon.  

  • 21 January: This is launch day - you can officially send your friends your unique link they will use to purchase the course so you get credit for the referral (we’ll explain how to do this below)

  • 25 January: Our e-course cart closes tonight at midnight sharp - all registrations must be completed by then in order for you to get credit for the referral.

  • 4 February:  Class officially begins and we get to welcome your friend to the course! (*Remember as an Alumni you automatically get access to this course as part of your lifetime membership. If you need a kickstart and would like to follow along by receiving the weekly email prompts from Mia please ensure you’ve signed up to our Alumni email list here.)

How To Join:

If you are interested in joining our Referral Program and obtaining a unique link that you can send to friends please fill out your details here. Once your information is submitted, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Team Lady Startup outlining further instruction.

How To Access Your Referral Link:

Step 1:

Log-in to: (using your existing course email and password)

Step 2:
Once logged you’ll see an ‘Affiliate’ option under your profile. Access your affiliate dashboard menu by clicking the 'Affiliate' button in the top right corner.


Step 3:
Once you’re in the Affiliate Dashboard you’ll see on the left hand menu an option for ‘Your Affiliate Link’ - click this option.  You’ll see a highlighted URL called ‘Homepage Link’. This is your unique URL! Copy and paste this link in any communication to friends or family interested in the course.  You must use your specific link - if a friend joins the course using another URL we will be unable to track this enrolment.

Tracking Your Progress

Once inside the Affiliate Dashboard, click on the ‘Financial Reports’ option on the left hand menu at any time to see how many referrals have signed up and how many gift cards you are owed.  

Tips For Success

Okay now that we're ready to dive in, we want to share some insight with you to help make this a profitable and successful referral program. From past experience, we've found that women love to hear from their female friends about products or experiences that have blown their socks off.  The best way to refer a friend is to simply share your own personal, honest experience with the course. What did it mean to you? What results have you seen? Why are you glad you enrolled in the first place? These types of stories via a phone chat, email or social media are powerful. Share your story proudly!

Banner Images

If you prefer to use one of our course images below on your social channels we’ve rounded up a selection below. Simply right click and save as images to your desktop and upload to your website, blog or social media channels! Feel free to resize images to fit your own needs…

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Have a question about our referral program or need assistance? Please reach out to our team at and we’ll be happy to help.

Terms & Conditions:

Please note that we are only able to pay out gift cards on completed course registrations that are done via your personal URL link.  We are unable to track and credit registrations made in error using any other link. EFTPOS gift cards will be posted out at the end of our refund period in late February 2019.  Courses that you personally purchase are not eligible for commission. EFTPOS Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash.